My blog is 4 months old today.  This is probably most significant to my family who have had to put with Mom transforming herself into a writer.  Especially since initially I was just a blogger, but now I am also writing articles.  And they have put with me documenting wherever we travel with my camera.  Hopefully they will actually appreciate that someday.  That is if I ever actually print any of the pictures.

Four @ the Market Place

Still my four of my favorite travelers.  I really like traveling with their Dad too!

For my 100th blog post a few weeks ago, I wrote about becoming “Unpretentious” which has been one of the wonderful parts of our experiences in traveling about.  Another result has been that my kids have started enjoying taking pictures too – especially my 2nd son.  Hopefully one of these days I will post some of his favorite photographs.

Speaking of pictures, I finally joined the Instagram world.  Based on the number of my personal Facebook friends who use this app already, I am thinking that my arrival has been a bit delayed. Since I transferred photos from my camera not that long ago, my picture portfolio on Instagram may also be a bit slow in its growth.  Below I am going to attempt to add a picture from my new account.  If there is not a photo below, you know that I was unsuccessful.  I will have to try again.  If you want to follow me, my user name is nebraskaodyssey.  Since my account will obviously be public, I may be posting more pictures of places than of people.  But we’ll see.

Fall Tree

So posting directly from Instagram did not work, but this is the picture that you can see on my Instagram.  Almost what I was trying to accomplish!

One of my posts clear back in July was about my unfamiliarity with certain aspects of social media.  Parts of this uber-connected world still  cause me a bit of trepidation and confusion.  But I did decide to join the twitter world.  And you are almost the first to know (I thought I should maybe mention this fact to my husband ).

I decided to finally take this step for several reasons.  Sometimes twitter is helpful if you are signing up to try to win prizes.  For instance, tickets to the ‘Elf Musical” that Oh My! Omaha will be giving away soon. Possibly the real reason I started …  the other night I needed to have a Twitter account to tell my son “Happy 5th birthday” when we were at the Husker volleyball game.  (I think there might be a learning curve for me on this technology at first as I accidentally tweeted the same phrase three times, and I do not think my greetings even made it on their big screen – oh, well!)

A five and a six

We now have a five and a six.  (Eight and Eleven – not pictured 🙂 )

At times, I also want to be able to give my take on a social issue if there is a media blitz going on.  While I have 2 blogs (my other one is, I plan to only have one Twitter account.  So, at times my personal bias will definitely show through on my Twitter, whereas this Nebraska blog tends to be a bit more neutral.  I plan on following my favorite authors and artists, as well as many of my Nebraska connections.

If you are a “tweeter,” you are welcome to follow me: @NebraskaOdyssey

(The same user name as my Instagram – isn’t that handy?)

So, now I have a Nebraska Odyssey blog, e-mail, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  If you follow me at all of those places, you might just follow me around even more than my kids do.  (And that tends to be A LOT!)  And that may be all I start, but I guess I should not limit my direction because who knows!

4 being thankful

One more final thought … this month I plan on featuring beloved places (and people) out and  about in Nebraska.  Kind of a gratitude journal with a twist.  Since I really appreciate quilts, that worked out well that this will be the subject of my first few November posts.   (Almost like I planned it that way! 🙂  I am hoping that the places that I love will become some of your favorites as well!

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