If you have followed along with my Nebraska journeys, you know that I recommend the Nebraska Passport. Despite everything that is going in the world, the program is continuing this summer. I am very glad about that! Paper copies are still available at locations.  But if you are going to participate in the 2020 Passport, they suggest that you get the phone app. This is the explanation found on their website.

Every Passport traveler should download the Nebraska Passport app. Through the app, you will receive notifications about unexpected Passport stop hour changes and important announcements.

The app also includes directions to the stops through Google maps. The app is free to download and is available for both iPhones and Androids. Simply search for “Nebraska Passport” in your app store. You can create multiple accounts on one phone. So multiple people can collect stamps on one phone by logging in and out of accounts.

Now in the past, I have usually introduced you to all of the passport stops. BUT since I am featuring Lincoln this year, I am going to highlight the three Lincoln locations. Then I will send you on to the Passport Home page, so you can see the rest of the featured locations.

These Lincoln stops demonstrate why the app is needed. Currently one is open regular hours. Stopping by one location involves making an appointment or finding time during limited hours. The final one is sticking with online resources.  The 2020 Passport is going to require a bit of extra research to fulfill all of the categories. Technically using the app, you can get stamps at all of the 2020 Passport Locations even if they aren’t open. Personally I hope it is safe for all places to open soon as going inside all of the locations is way more fun!

2020 Passport Lincoln Locations

Jilly’s Socks ‘N Such  I first met the owner, Lori Goff, this winter when I stopped by to interview her. This fun store is one the locations featured in my upcoming book, 100 Things to Do in Lincoln Before You Die.  While you can order socks online if you feel more comfortable (or if you live far away), I do highly suggest that you stop be to see her selections personally.

Besides offering just about any kind of sock you could want, she also offers items from local businesses. Plus Lori is a delightful person. If she happens to be working you are in for a treat. I did want to make one note – some of her adult socks have slogans that are not kid friendly. (I stopped by with 11 year old, and he did not asked me what certain sayings meant – I was glad about that :-).) Pretty much there are socks that fit every personality!

Gallery 9 This is one Lincoln location that I have not visited yet.  Since they are only open week-end hours or by appointment, I may not be able to go for awhile.   But they do not want their shorter hours to feel limiting. Currently they are posting additional pictures to their Facebook and Instagram accounts. As a local artist gallery, they also have many online resources available.

As of this writing, visitors cannot access the International Quilt Museum. Unfortunately it probably makes sense due to their displays. I will say that their staff has continued to keep up with social media account. Their Facebook page includes many explanations of featured quilts. If you prefer the picture part, you can follow their Instagram account for similar information.

Not up for travel yet? Check out the online 2020 Passport Tours.

2020 Passport stops are divided either by town or location.

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