One of my favorite records as a child was the Disney sing-along one featuring classic Disney songs. (Don’t your childhood memories include sitting around a record player? I know that dates me a bit.)  One of my favorite songs was “A Very Merry Unbirthday to You” from Alice in Wonderland. Today (June 1st, 2020) was supposed to be the day that my second book, A History Lover’s Guide to Lincoln book was supposed to be available for purchase. Due to the pandemic, my release was postponed until July 20, 2020.  I have been fine with the delay. But today I must admit that I am feeling a little bit melancholy.  Several months ago, I thought today was going to be one to celebrate.  Instead of moping around, I am declaring today “A Very Merry Unrelease Day.” That means that today I am revealing the cover to you.

Entire Cover A History Lover's Guide to Lincnoln


AHSGR picture by Gretchen Garrison

A Few Thoughts on the Cover

Again I did take all of the pictures that are featured on the cover. But I cannot take the credit for the cover design. Didn’t the History Press do a great job? Later on in June, I plan on doing a 30 day countdown to the book again. Then I will tell you more behind the scenes stories including more details about the pictures found on the cover.

The one thing that did amuse me? Due to necessary cropping, you can only see the Canada flag in front of the AHSGR building. (As you can see, the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia does have the U.S. flag next to the Canada one.)

Does anyone recognize the figure on the stained glass? Do you know where it is located?  That was a fun find that I will tell you more about.

I am unofficially calling my new book, a travel guide to Lincoln’s history. This book was a fun one to write, and definitely took a lot of time to research.  You can pre-order my book through Amazon. After July 20th, the book will be available at many local stores again.  Thank you for celebrating my “Very Merry Unrelease Day” with me!

P.S. I must admit that I did listen to this song over and over again while writing this post. 🙂


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