Have you ever had to miss dessert because you had too much to eat?  Or worse yet, you ran out of time?  I bet you are wondering what on earth this has to do with Father Flanagan.

When we went up to Boys Town on Saturday, we had about an hour to spend before we had to get to a middle school boys basketball game.  We started at the visitor’s center with creating crafts – the kids enjoyed getting to pick out activities to complete.  Incidentally, Boys Town happened to be celebrating their 98th birthday that day – was fun to a be a small part of the celebration.

Boys Town Christmas

Suddenly our hour was down to fifteen minutes left, and we had to drive across their campus to see the other buildings.  With ten minutes to spare before our necessary departure time, I attempted to make it through the Father Flanagan House.  Snapping pictures like crazy, I managed to read a few placards and listen to a few tales of the extremely knowledgeable man who was taking his family through the house at the same time.  Definitely not the leisurely experience that I was hoping for.  Hopefully next year, we can attend again for at least another hour or two.

Rather than being able to the tales of all that was represented, for this post I am simply going to share the pictures.  The story will have to come later.  I definitely have reason to want to return to learn more.  I hope these images will give you glimpses into this beautiful house and provide you with your own motivation to go take a tour as well.

Father Flanagan's House at Christmas

P.S. Tomorrow morning, I will be featuring a rather unusual “Home for the Holidays.”  Due to the fact that there is a giveaway attached, I will actually be revealing the location tomorrow evening.  Stay tuned!

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