July 1st became a significant date for me three years ago.  I never knew I would want to celebrate a “blogiversary,” but for me, looking back on how this blog began is rather enjoyable.  My world has certainly expanded since I started this blog three years ago.  First of all, I have been to places that were only once just pictures in a tourism magazine to me.  More importantly,  I have been able to interact with many great people across the state whom I never would have met.  Plus I have had the privilege of interacting with other travel writers across the United States.  I feel like my adventures have only just begun.   I hope you will continue on this Odyssey Through Nebraska with me!  Thanks for all of your support!  Gretchen

P.S.  July has also become a fun month for me with the opportunity to focus on a few giveaways!  Please be watching for ways that you can win some prizes!

Author: neodyssey

My name is Gretchen Garrison. I started this blog about Nebraska in 2013. So far, I have written three books about Nebraska and Lincoln.