We may have a new favorite destination in Omaha.  Okay – maybe narrowing it down that much is too hard.  But I guarantee that we have a new room to frequent when we visit the “Big O.”  The Joslyn Art Museum just opened a brand new room geared specifically toward kids: “Art Works.”

Joslyn Art Works all Kids







After featuring a short entry on “Art Across Nebraska” the other day, I thought that telling you about this location for families to experience art together was definitely fitting.  What was enjoyable for me was seeing which area they gravitated toward.  My son loved “painting” with a brush on the computer.  My older boys enjoyed the stop animation project and have actually taken an interest in this type of art since then.  In fact, they have even downloaded a special app, so that they can continue their “films.”  My daughter loved the drawing center, especially since they were featuring “Georgia O’Keefe” style flowers.  My Mom just had fun watching her grandkids at work.

Joslyn Art Works Masterpieces







Most of the art room features permanent centers with computer “painting” and other drawing areas.  The center area changes based on the current exhibit that they are featuring.  The room is just such a happy place and will certainly inspire any aspiring artist.  I had taken even more pictures on my camera, but of course, it was not co-operating when I was trying to download them.  Eventually if I can post more pictures I will definitely do so.  Please do click on Joslyn’s page to see a photograph of the whole room and all of the possibilities.

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