Did you recognize any of the places featured in yesterday’s “Wordless Wednesday” collage?

Durham Museum Union Station

The Durham Museum (Union Station location)

Laurtizen Gardens Conservatory

Lauritzen Gardens

Omaha Children's Museum Nebraska map

Omaha Children’s Museum

Strategic Air and Space Museum Entrance Area

Strategic Air and Space Museum

Edgerton Explorit Center Bubbles

Edgerton Explorit Center

Did you figure out why they were all featured together?

These are five of the locations that are hosting at least one event for the Nebraska Science Festival.  Over fifty science related events are taking place across Nebraska over the next nine days.  Although many of them are focused in the metro areas, central and Northeast Nebraska areas are also represented.

Outside of the Mueller Planetarium in Lincoln

Not only are activities happening during the day, but a few evening Planetarium events are also taking place.  The best thing about these events as that almost all age groups will enjoy certain aspects of this great festival.  From hands-on forest activities to lectures by renowned scientist, you have your pick of all sorts of activities.

For more information or to see the complete schedule, please visit their site.  Events start tomorrow (4-10) and continue through the following Saturday (4-18).  If you do happen to go, I would enjoy seeing your pictures if you could share your fun shots on my Odyssey Through Nebraska Facebook page.  Thanks!





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