Exactly one week ago, the new Nebraska travel incentive programs started.  The Nebraska Passport is presented and organized by the Nebraska Tourism department.  The Nebraska Great Park Pursuit is organized by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.  Our family uses these programs to determine some of our 2017 adventures.  What I love about both programs is that they introduce me to new places across the state to explore and enjoy.  Although we have been participating for several years, I still was unfamiliar with about 1/3 of the places.  That is even with my all of investigating that I have done into Nebraska places.

Several of the featured places were ones that I visited for the first time last year.  Happy Jack Chalk Mine and Legacy of the Plains are two such places that I would love to return to this year and have our children come along.  I will admit that most of my 1700 mile road trip that I took for my book involved lots of driving that my children would not have enjoyed as much.  But I did wish they would have been along for several of the locations.

When I am traveling, I found out that visiting several places in one area works well for me.  That is why I have organized the Nebraska Passport and Great Park Pursuit by region.  Now you will want to look through the whole list of a region.  To simplify my efforts, I did alphabetize each region rather than put towns that might be closer next to each other.  That would have been rather complicated since sometimes different roads bring you to alternative places.  But I do hope that my document will be helpful as you plan your 2017 adventures.

2017 Travel Adventures in Nebraska

Are there any places on this year’s list that are your favorite Nebraska destinations?  Any places that you hope to visit for your 2017 adventures?  Please comment below on your summer travel plans across Nebraska.

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