If you happen to be from the Beatrice area, maybe you guessed where we were in yesterday’s “Wordless Wednesday.”

Beatrice Restaurant Sign

On a brisk winter day, we met some friends at this fine establishment.  I recognized the Spanish word “azul” meaning blue.  And now I know “playa” means beach.  The decor of the restaurant definitely fit the name!  The decor just feels happy.  They even have aquariums of fish!

Beatrice Restaurant Decor

They start the meal with complimentary chips & salsa – both mild and hot (making all of my children happy!)  Then the food was authentic AND delicious!  Their guacamole is some of the best that I have ever had!  They actually had a taco salad on the kids menu – the favorite of one of my children!  And their lunch fajitas were also on special – which thrilled my oldest!

Beatrice Restaurant Food

This seemed like a fitting place to “visit” with Cinco de Mayo being earlier this week.  Plus featuring a restaurant the week of Mother’s Day also seemed fitting.  I know this Mama is definitely not wanting to cook this Sunday.  (I think I do enough of that the rest of the year! 🙂 )

The best part of the meal was dining with longtime friends that I rarely see.  And I was rather sad to discover that I did not take a picture of them.  Sometimes I can get too caught up in worrying about food and decor shots and forget the people that really mattered.  A good reminder of me to remember to focus!  Anyway, thanks, friends for meeting us!

Enjoy celebrating as a Mom and hopefully with your Mom this week!


Author: neodyssey