The initial plan was to post this later on Veteran’s Day.  But I ran out of day before I ran out of tasks.  Yet I am still feeling patriotic today, so I think it will still work. And other than the name, the restaurant does not have a lot to do with Veteran’s Day.  (Although … beef is definitely a crucial part of Nebraska industry. )  But yesterday also happened to be my husband’s birthday.  Both times I have gone to this yummy restaurant has been with him.  So, this entry is a bit about celebrating him.

Honest Abe's 2

This is a relatively new burger place in Northeast Lincoln (70th & Vine in Meadowlane Shopping Center).  They have only been there a few years.  And the restaurant probably needs to expand.  If you happen to stop by on the week-end, the place is PACKED!

Honest Abe's 1

Yes – the decor features our 16th President.  The decorations are eclectic but yet simple.  And fun.

Honest Abe's 9

Who knew that so many collectible Abraham Lincoln items were available?

On to the key part, the burgers.  DELICIOUS!  We have eaten there twice now, and they are probably the best burgers I have ever had.  They have a few “standard” burgers, but they also have a rotating menu that changes every 3 months or so.  The guys who run the restaurant happen to be longtime family friends, and they have done a fabulous job of creating a unique, memorable menu and atmosphere!

Honest Abe's 6

This time my husband let me pick which kind we were sharing.  (I think he let me pick last time too – I just must care more).  I picked the “Headless Horseman” which features a 6 oz. burger with pumpkin ketchup, cinnamon cream cheese and fried onions.  AMAZING! 

Honest Abe's 4

This time we shared the freedom fries.  Last time we tried the Parmesan truffle fries.  Both are REALLY good!  The fries are enough to share.  My husband was not particularly hungry, so this time we shared a burger.  That was doable.  Especially because then I could talk him into sharing dessert.

Honest Abe's 7

Sasquatch Bakery sells their cookies at Honest Abe’s.  We tried the Scotchawhat.  The combination of caramel buttercream and pretzel was delicious.  The cookie was gone before I remembered that I was going to take a picture.

Honest Abe's 5

The only slightly odd thing about the restaurant is due to space issues they have family style seating down the center.  Which means you may be sitting right next to strangers.  But since you are there for the food, that really works out okay.  They do have a few patio tables which works fine on days other than freezing ones like today!  As far as prices, think restaurant burger, not fast food burger.

Honest Abe's 10

As far as the company I kept that night, both of these signs fit my husband.  He is extremely meticulous with his tools – he takes care of his blessings and spends the time to do the work the right away.  (As opposed to his wife who sometimes rushes through!)  And he also is trustworthy – that beard sign always makes us laugh.  (And is rather fitting for “Novembeard” month).  I am very thankful for my husband, and all that he adds to my life and the lives of our kids.  We are SO blessed to have him.  (Love you, my KJ!  Thanks for being my biggest fan!)

One last note on the restaurant itself: Go try it for yourself.  You will not be disappointed!

Honest Abe's 8

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