When the Lincoln Journal-Star had their 1/2 price deals for many places at Christmas, I decided it was a great time to try a new place!  Wahoo’s Fish Tacos was on the list.  I could buy a $20 gift card for $10 – a great bargain.  The kids were not quite as enthusiastic about the destination at first – the word “fish” scared them.  I assured them there was more than just seafood on the menu.

Wahoo's wall

When you first step in the door, you feel like you are walking into sunshine.  Happy music is playing.  And the decor is a mix of California surf shop and stickers.  Yes – you read that correctly.  Evidently anyone can place stickers on the wall.  My kids are already planning on bringing some with to make their mark next time.

Wahoo's Decor

Yes, we are definitely going back!  For one thing, the food was reasonably priced.  The kids meals came with drinks (a big cheer from my kiddos!), and the meals actually filled up even my oldest.  The younger ones took home boxes.  Since we went the last day in December, they still had their December gift card special.  If you bought $25, you received $10 free.  A great deal!

Wahoo's Food

The food was also delicious!   I am not always sure about onion rings at most places, but Wahoo’s definitely makes great ones!  Unfortunately they only come in one size (large), so we may not get them next time.  If they added a small size where we could each have one, we would definitely regularly order those!

My youngest two went with the simple quesadillas.  My 2nd son was thrilled that he could have a steak taco with a kids meal, and he loved all of the cilantro on top!  I was proud of my oldest – he tried the spicy fish taco.  That is what I also ordered – definitely yummy and fresh tasting.  The cilantro sauce added delectable creaminess!  I easily had enough for lunch the next day.  Of course eating a few onion rings also might have contributed to that … Other than the rings (and possibly the pop), the tacos themselves actually seemed like a healthy fast food.  Next time, the kids are excited to bring Dad with us – I think my husband will enjoy the restaurant as well.  I definitely recommend Wahoo’s Fish Taco’s in Downtown Lincoln!

Author: neodyssey