Why do I enjoy Nebraska City Tree Adventure Farm hiking …

Tree Adventure HikingFirst of all, there are some trees.  Everywhere trees. Since Nebraska is known for wide open plains, to have a section of Nebraska filled with so many trees is quite amazing.

Tree Adventure HikingSecond, there are options of where you can go on theTree Adventure hiking trails.  Yes, I do recognize that all of the paths point only one direction in this picture.  But really there are different loops. Shorter and longer ones depending on the length of the legs of your hikers.

I would recommend getting a map before you head out on your Tree Adventure  hiking adventure.  After all, you want to choose the best path and not be stuck a few miles away with little ones who want you to carry them the rest of the way back.

Tree Adventure HikingOther benefits of Tree Adventure Farm Hiking is that there are places to stop along the way for kids to play.  Who doesn’t like to climb a giant spider web?  Sadly my kids may no longer be up for this part of the adventure anymore.  But they certainly loved this when they were little.  They climb.  You can take a breather.

Tree Adventure HikingNot sure they would be willing to climb this fun little structure either.  A great part of the Tree Adventure Hiking fun.  Of course, I am not sure that they would all fit anymore.  When you have little people, do stop along this trail for a great photo opportunity.  That is what is fun about this location.  Many places are set aside for kids to explore.

Tree Adventure HikingOne of the best paths leads to a giant tree house.  For some reason, I did not get a picture of the actual tree house. Just the sign.  Evidently I was too busy on my Tree Adventure Farm hiking journey to remember to take quality pictures.  But take my word for it, the tree house is spectacular.  I believe this trail is the shorter one that leads directly to the playing area.  I shared some of those photos in a previous post when we explored this location with friends.

Tree Adventure HikingIf you do have hikers up for the adventure, there is an amazing bridge that you can see on your Tree Farm Adventure hiking extravaganza.  I think you can manage with a stroller on most of the longer hike.  But you might need to carry it a few times.  This walk might not be the best adventure for the traveler who is trekking solo with little kids.  But the views are beautiful.  No matter which path you pick Tree Adventure hiking is worth the trip!



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