Happy National Ice Cream Day on Sunday! For over one hundred years, students have been making ice cream at the University of Nebraska. Back when the store began, dairies were more common in Lincoln. Although the Beatrice Creamery had moved its headquarters, Roberts Dairy was still operating out of Lincoln. Superlicious Ice Cream could be purchased.  Miller & Paine made their own ice cream.  While the University of Nebraska notes that 1917 was the year when the ice cream was first scooped up, I cannot find a list of the original flavors.  But I did discover that these are the current ones.

BIG 10 Flavors

Bavarian Mint
Black Walnut Fudge
Butter Brickle
Cappuccino Chocolate Chip
Carmel Cashew
Cookies and Cream
Scarlet & Cream

Staff/Seasonal Favorites

Cherry Almond
Chocolate Cookies & Cream
German Chocolate
Lemon Custard
Raspberry Chocolate Chip
Strawberry Cheesecake
Strawberry Rhubarb

By the way, pictured is the front of the FORMER UNL Dairy Store entrance. In October 2019, the store moved to the back of the building. Since we no longer live a bicycle ride away, we have not checked out the new location yet. Hopefully someday we can do that!  Not only do they have more space, they also look out into the courtyard area. Here is a Daily Nebraskan article telling more about the move.


This is a fun video synopsis of the UNL Dairy Store experience.

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