Guess what?  I can finally say that my book is coming out THIS MONTH!   To celebrate the release of Detour Nebraska,  I have decided to participate in the  31 Days Challenge for writers.  That means that for the whole month of October, I will be writing daily posts that I hope will inspire you to #detourNebraska.   This special series will present pictures and stories that did not make it into the book.   So how does this theme go along with a country church near Elba?

If you have followed this blog at all, you may recognize that I typically do not write any posts on Sundays.  For our family, that is a day of rest.  So to stay true to that feel and still keep up with the challenge, I plan on scheduling out posts featuring some of the churches that I have seen as I have traveled across Nebraska.

And I decided to start with this church in Wahoo.  I have never stepped inside of this church, but I was definitely drawn to the architecture.  Perhaps because it reminded me of the 70’s – the decade I was born.  I like the lines and the angles.  Have you ever seen a church like this one before?

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