I do like taking shortcuts.  In fact, due to a cross country jaunt across gravel this morning to try to make it to my class on time, my car definitely needs a wash.  This direct route was needed because of my tardiness.  Yet I like that way because it does feel more efficient.  No matter the reasoning, I could relate to the need for an Oregon Trail cutoff.

This Nebraska historical marker is found outside of Denton near the entrance to  Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center.  If you hike inside the center in a certain area, you can still feel the area where the wagon trains took the shortcut.  The lines are no longer visible as the tracks have eroded into the edge of the hills.

This post will be updated with more information tomorrow.  This teacher who taught & had parent teacher conferences today is ready to relax!

P.S. Only a few more days for the Nebraska State Historical Society Foundation marker picture contest.  If you would like to vote for mine, it is the Windlass Hill picture. 🙂


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