One more winery also happens to be on Lincoln’s Be a Tourist in Your Own Hometown passport list: WunderRosa Winery just outside of Lincoln, near Roca.  Just down the road from our favorite Camp Sonshine, the lady graciously stamped our passports despite the fact that they are not officially open.  (I did call in advance)!

WunderRosa Tasting AreaThey also do have a tasting area, but obviously we did not go inside. This winery is just open Thursdays-Sundays, so you do not pick the right days to visit.

WunderRosa from a Distance

The WunderRosa winery has been operations for only five years and is the result of a family dream.  What else should you do when you retire? 🙂  The country setting is beautiful.  If you decide you want to stay for awhile, you can check out the WunderRoost Bed & Breakfast that just happens to be next door.

Family Fun at a Winery?

For the most part, I feature family activities and events on this blog.  That will not change.  So while I enjoyed seeing these wineries and telling you about them, I will probably not be vineyard hopping. 🙂  Plus I really cannot claim to be a sommelier as I cannot even really tell the difference between dry and aged wine.  Spending an evening or two at the winery was a quite pleasant way to pass the time.  Showing my kids how grapes grow was also enjoyable.  That being said: I am not sure that vineyards are really for family fun.

When I arrived with my kids to the visit the first winery, it was early afternoon.  The second winery was actually closed.  Neither place was busy.  My kids are also older and sort of stayed next to me.  At least they knew enough to not run under or through the grape arbors.

Seeing small children arrive to an evening event has to make winery owners cringe.  Especially when the parents begin to relax and forget that the little ones are becoming unattended juveniles.  Which is why many wineries might have a sign that states: all children left alone will be given espresso and a puppy.

My husband and I bring our kids to many places – I want them to be cultured and varied in their life experiences.  Yet I think that sometimes having grown- up outings is a good idea.  A winery is probably one of those locations.  I know that if I am having a night out, watching little kids dart around my legs while I am holding a goblet full of red liquid does not exactly fill me with cheer.  Stopping by a winery for a brief time?  Bring the kids along.  Wanting to linger and enjoy an evening?  A babysitter is probably a worthwhile investment both for your sake and for those who are sipping and chilling.

Author: neodyssey