Adams County in Nebraska

Established February 16, 1867, by the Nebraska Legislature.

County Seat: Hastings

Nebraska license plate number: 14

The History of Adams County

Omap_of_nebraska_highlighting_adams_county-svgn February 16, 1867, Adams County became a part of the Nebraska Territory,  just two weeks before Nebraska became a state.  Named for the second President of the United States, you can find Adams County in the south central part of the state.  The county seat is Hastings which replaced in Juanita in evidently a bitter election battle back in 1878.

Two Pony Express Stations were found in this county before it was even in a state …

  • Thirty-Two Mile Creek: Station No. 10 was located six miles southwest of Hastings, and nearby is a plaque that stated Dinner Station I.O.O.F.E.  (I could not determine what the acronym stands for).  After the 1864 Indians raids, this site was abandoned due to the fact that the station was burned down during the skirmishes.  You can read more about this particular station on the Adams County Historical Society page.  There you will also find how to make the route.  One person called this site the most lonesome place in Nebraska.

Former Adams County Towns

There is a bit of discrepancy between which name the town held first – Rosedale, which only lasted about 3 years or Sportville, named for a popular baseball team, which  lasted 2 1/2 years.  No matter which name you call the town, it can no longer be found.

Leroy (named for the son of A.H. Stone) was the place to relax and unwind in the county due the proximity to the River and numerous boats plus a dance hall.  That is until 1904 … The post office was moved to Pauline, which had formerly been Kingston.  Pauline gradually faded from prominence as well, but you can click on the links to read even more about these former towns.

To see more pictures of historical Adams County Places, please visit Viritual Nebraska – Adams County

Current Adams County Towns

Hastings was named after Col. D.T. Hastings of the Grand Island and St. Joseph Railroad who had brought the railroad to the town.


Adams County in Nebraska


Adams County Today

Hastings, as the county seat, is definitely the city to visit in Adams County.  In fact just about everything to do in the County seems to revolve around Hastings.  During the past several years, my family and I have spent more time in Hastings.  Since my aunt and uncle live there, that has been a great excuse to visit.  I have enjoyed featuring possibilities in this town several times.

One of the best family festivals in Nebraska happens every August in Hastings – Kool-Aid Days!  How can you not love a celebration featuring the state’s official drink?   Although the big celebration only happens once a year, you can visit the Hastings Museum year round to learn just how this sugary drink got started.

The Hastings Museum has much more than just Kool-Aid.  This post featured some of the older exhibits found in the Museum.  Within the last year, they have opened a brand new exhibit on Central Nebraska habitats and farming.  At some point, I will manage to get pictures up about this excellent interactive room designed with kids in mind.

For the younger set in Adams County, there is a great Children’s Museum.

We also discovered a favorite park in Hastings – the Brickyard Park.

Breakfast in Hastings?  There are two great options!  Backalley Bakery has delicious cinnamon rolls.

Last week when I was in Hastings, I stopped by this lovely coffee shop again to enjoy a great cup of coffee and a croissant breakfast sandwich -yum!


For historical background information, I have used Perkey’s Nebraska Place Names by Elton A. Perkey.  The Nebraska county map is public domain.

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