Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo Adventure TrailsOur family is grateful to Visit Omaha for the complimentary tickets to the Henry Doorly Zoo.  All opinions expressed on our experience are my own.  But how could our experience be anything but positive?  This is of course the best zoo in the world!  And their new Adventure Trails area definitely did not disappoint.  We loved it!!!!!

Although we visited the zoo three years ago, so many new areas have been added.  Including an entrance.  This is where homeschooling is definitely advantageous.  Going on a Thursday morning meant that we parked close to the North entrance.  Once we went inside, we stopped at the new Adventure Trails area.  And that is where we stopped.  In fact if I would let them, my youngest two would have stayed there the rest of the day.  As you can from the aerial pictures taken on top of the tree house area, so much fun is waiting to be had.

Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo Adventure TrailsBoth educational and exploration possibilities exist in this area of the zoo.  Plenty of spaces to roam and to climb.  But directive signs challenge visitors to be purposeful in their interactions.  Designs reflect patters in nature.  Even the nearby desert dome sets the tone of wide open possibilities.

Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo Adventure TrailsThis section is advertised as a place where children can climb with smaller primates.  There were a few monkeys climbing through the wire mesh tunnels.  But they seemed little compared to the space.  Perhaps distance is actually the goal, so that young children do not get scared with the monkey’s being too close in proximity to where they are playing.  The only reason why they seem to be nearby is because I was able to use the zoom lens on my camera.  But it is still a neat concept even though I think the idea of playing with the monkeys seems like a bit of stretch.

Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo Adventure TrailsAdventures Trails Fun for the younger ones

With a goat station on the edge of this area,  children can play with kids of another kind.  Plus they can pop up in plastic bubbles that let them see directly into Prairie Dog Town.  The Stroller Coaster section made me smile.  My kids would have loved that when they were younger.  Little bumps and hills allow even the youngest ones to have fun along the trails.

Adventure Trails Fun for older kids and the young at heart
Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo Adventure Trails

Think playground times ten.  After all, most parks do not have a pirate shipwreck centerpiece.  Because the slide is rather steep, you have to be tall enough to ride.  And lap riding is not allowed.  A zoo worker monitors this part to make sure everyone stays safe. But this is good since I can tell you from experience that the slide is also rather fast.  Thankfully it slopes up slightly at the end.  Falling off the end of the slide is rather embarrassing.  Especially if you are the mom.  If you do have littles, let me reassure you that they can still experience the fun.  Walkways and steps slope up to the top.

Areas at the top of this structure include swinging wooden bridges.  I love those.  But the climbing nets did intimidate.  I decided that getting stick in those might be rather detrimental to my health.  And possibly also to the well being of my children who maybe would rather that their mother acted her age at least occasionally.  I bet my husband would have given them a whirl, but in that way, he is definitely more adventurous than I am.

Coming soon (that is sometime in the next several months), more about the other new areas at the zoo.  Until then, enjoy this post that I wrote a few years ago.  Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo from A to Z  Better yet?  Go and visit Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and make your own fun memories!

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