Although Nebraska does have several fun, quirky museums, normally science centers are saved for larger cities.  To have a museum with information about genetics, biology, geology, paleontology and astronomy is rather impressive.  Especially since this location is not found in a big city, but in the middle of  the Nebraska Sandhills.  The Boneyard Creation Museum in Broken Bow is a location worth exploring.

Boneyard Creation MuseumBoneyard Creation Museum From the moment you walk into the doors, you will be amazed at the animals on display.  The Boneyard Creation Museum does have several animals on display.  The collections are varied and deliberate.

Some of the information is contained in posters. Displays tell about certain elements that are found in the universe.  Information is presented for those who truly desire to learn more about scientific principles.

Boneyard Creation MuseumEven if your personal beliefs about the origins of life may not involve creation, I still would encourage you to visit.  Director Steve Sommers is a scientist on a mission to present the truth.  He shows both sides of the story.   You can see his picture on page in my Detour Nebraska book.  Visitors can read through all of his assembled information and determine the truth from what is presented.  The Boneyard Creation Museum does an excellent job of explaining facts.

Boneyard Creation MuseumAlthough there are some fairly scientific principles on display, not all  of the components are serious.  Kids can enjoy a fossil dig.  Plenty of items are on display for the young and young at heart to feel and maneuver.  The collections contained in the room are impressive.

Boneyard Creation MuseumWhat might be even more amazing is the giant cell.  Visitors can literally step into a replica of a cell.  When you can see all of the details that go into a human cell, you cannot help but be amazed by the complexity.  For Director Sommers this is sign of the involvement of an Intelligent Designer.  All of the displays point to life that could not exist without a Creator.  I would definitely have to agree with him.

To visit the Boneyard Creation Museum …

This location does have varying hours.  They are open more regularly during the summer.  But Director Sommers is willing to open at other times if you make arrangements.  He was willing to do that for me when I arrived in town last summer.  Admission is charged, but the cost is worth it.  He does have a family admission price.  To learn more specifics, please visit the Boneyard Creation Museum on Facebook.

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