One of my favorite things about driving back roads is you can come upon some beautiful buildings.  Nebraska definitely has some impressive small town churches.  Including this this little country church that is found outside of the small town of Elba?

The name of Elba reflects the fact that this town is found near the elbow of the North Loup River.  Elba is a small town in Howard County, Nebraska, of only about two hundred people.  So these numbers make the large St. Joseph country church on the edge of town seem even more impressive.  I couldn’t resist stopping to take a picture of its notable architecture.  Although the picture may have not made its way into the book, this building still needed to be shared.  St. Joseph Church definitely has an impressive construction.

One final thought …

This picture also taught me an important lesson.  Always make a note of the name and location of any buildings that you photograph.  Although the photo is clear, the writing on the sign is too small to read.  Once I narrowed the location down to being off Highway 11, I had to use the visual Google Earth map to find the name of the church.  That took a bit more time than I expected, but finally I confirmed the name of the building!

Happy Sunday!  I hope you enjoy this day of rest.



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