As a teacher and as a mother, I am a BIG Eric Carle fan.  Many of his books have become favorites around our house.  When we had the opportunity to see a collection of his books performed at the Lied Center last spring, I was rather skeptical.   I was pleasantly surprised with the performance.  Actually that does not even begin to describe how much my kids and I ALL loved the play! (For my complete review, please click here! 🙂

When I found that the Rose Theater was going to be presenting the same performance this fall, I was quite excited. Now more of you can go and see this great show that is premiering in Omaha tomorrow night!  I highly recommend this as a great show for the whole family!

Hungry Caterpillar Conclusion

One of the fun things that they did at the conclusion was explain how they brought the caterpillar and other Carle characters to life.  This made the performance even more interesting.  I like knowing how things work, and so do children!

You are going to want to get your tickets SOON because two shows are already SOLD OUT!




Author: neodyssey