Kaneko BuildingMy extra hint yesterday must have helped since cne of my readers did guess the location – the Kaneko building in downtown Omaha.  When my family showed up there for the free family event that happened in conjunction with Fat Brain Toys that was all I was expecting.   Having not been to the building before, I had no idea that an amazing art gallery was also housed inside.

Kaneko Hartman Overview

Before walking around the display rooms, I must admit I had never heard of Cedric Hartman.  Despite the fact that we are both from Lincoln.

Kaneko Cedric Hartman exhibit collage

While I could tell you about several master artists, I am not familiar with very many artists beyond mid 20th century.  Also before I saw his works, I must say that I would not have considered design pieces to be artwork.

Kaneko Cedric Hartman exhibitI was definitely wrong.

While I am tend to be fairly traditional, something about the clean lines appeals to me.  Possibly this is also because the displays are done in such a stunning manner.  The lighting and furniture and backdrop all play so well together.

Kaneko Hartman Living Room Display

To see some of Cedric Hartman’s selected works on display, you need to visit the Kaneko Building between now and January 3, 2015.  Open on weekdays from 9-5 and on Saturdays from 1-5, this display is worth the effort.  To learn more about Cedric Hartman, please visit his own website.  To be educated in advance on the showing or to read a brief biography, please visit this section of the Kaneko site.  I think you will enjoy his art on display as much as I did.

Author: neodyssey