As a former 5th grade teacher, I used to enjoy taking my students on field trips.  (That is if I had enough sponsors, and the kids were cooperating 🙂 ).  Getting a student to a learning environment outside of the classroom takes education to a whole new level.  Being able to explore and examine and experience results in lessons that will last.

Fast forward about a dozen years.  I am now a homeschooling mom of four.  While the reasons we made that educational choice are numerous and varied with each child, one of the universal reasons is that I wanted my children to be able to learn beyond the four walls of a classroom.  Part of their education includes interactive actualities.

From the time when they were really young, we would go places.  Once I even managed to push a double stroller across a prairie pasture, so we could complete a nature rubbing for an outdoor “safari” experience.  Because they have grown up in this type of environment, my children are rather inquisitive.  Trekking around is natural for them.

For many moms, these type of experiences are intimidating.  Just taking the kids to the park feels like enough of an outing.  While this is a great place to start, I feel that God’s world is alive with possibilities.  The goal for this blog is to present some of the great opportunities for families to get out together and create memories through experiential learning.

As a born and bred Husker girl, I intend to write about the places and people in the good life state.  Writing about places where I have been, and people I have read about.  While travel guides can be helpful, I want to tell what going to these places with kids is really like.  I hope to include several scavenger hunts, guides and even interactive ideas to assist in making the trip more meaningful and enjoyable for all.  Since we have a larger family, I will also include suggestions on making the outings more affordable.  Because I have not covered every inch of this state, guest bloggers may also contribute ideas from their local Nebraska areas.

Since I also enjoy learning about history, I plan on writing “Flashback Fridays” entries.  Places that I wish I could take my kids.  The ones that were a part of the past Nebraska landscape that no longer exist anymore.   I want to be a part of preserving what used to be.

Our destination is Nebraska.  The possibilities appear to be endless!  I hope you will come along for the ride!

P.S. We happen to be the proud owners of almost identical Honda Odyssey mini-vans.  So, our adventures literally will involve being in an Odyssey!  I am excited to share that adventures that we have already had and the ones that are yet to be!

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