Sharing all several dozen of my Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo pictures yesterday seemed a bit excessive.  After all, the post was rather long as it is.  Looking at all of those pictures would have really made it lengthy.  Yet, I did take some fun pictures that did not make it into the post.  What better way to show them than to have a “Friday Photography” post?  Here are more pictures from our great day at the zoo!

Henry Doorly Zoo Wild Kingdom Pavilion Collage

Consider the Wild Kingdom Pavilion to be a preview of all of the great places awaiting you in the zoo.  This is the start to hands-on learning.

Henry Doorly Zoo Jungle Collage

Always interesting animals and plants to see in the jungle.

Henry Doorly Zoo Desert Dome Collage

Going to three deserts in one day?  You  must be at the zoo. 🙂

Henry Doorly Zoo Aquarium Collage

After the desert, you might need to cool off.  Not just sharks, the aquarium features oceanic life from all over the globe.

Henry Doorly Zoo Garden of the Senses Collage

I think the The Garden of the Senses is often an overlooked area of the zoo.  After all, nothing is roaring or snorting or hollowing.  Yet this is a beautiful area of the zoo especially during the growing season.

Henry Doorly Zoo Random Collage

For my last collage?  Random pictures.  Always a good way to end!


Author: neodyssey