For the past several years, area charities in several of the large Nebraska towns/cities have set aside one calendar day.  Local cities encourage people to support those who are making a difference.  Today (May 28th) is Lincoln’s Day.  This year 327 local charities are involved.  The biggest challenge of the day can be determining which great cause to support. Give Lincoln Day May!

On this blog, I have written about several of the organizations that are participating today.  This is not a specific endorsement.  Honestly there really are SO many great places to support. But I thought I would at least highlight some of these organizations that are making a difference in the Nebraska’s Capital City.

My favorite give Lincoln Day May charities

Camp Sonshine

City Impact

Habitat for Humanity (2014 “Doorways to Hope” Project)

Hildegard Center for the Arts (2014 “Doorways to Hope” Project)

International Quilt and Study Center

Lincoln Children’s Museum

Lincoln Children’s Zoo

Lux Center for the Arts

Morrill Hall (UNL Museum)

If I find out later on that I have written about additional organizations, I will post them here. 🙂





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