Historic plaques fascinate me.  Learning the stories behind the places is interesting especially if they were once used for businesses that are no longer around. Like harness makers for instance. While obviously some harnesses are still necessary, there is no longer the demand that there once was. On almost all of the buildings in the Haymarket District, there are plaques of explanation. These correlate with the forty-eight stops on the Historic Haymarket Walking Tour.  If you do not have time or do not live close enough, you can learn quite a bit about the places online.

Haymarket Walking Tour

Booklets can be picked up at the Lincoln Visitor’s Center. You can also pull up all of the locations on your phone. Or you can simply go for a walk. Plaques tell the stories and are found on many of the buildings. The majority of the locations are found between 7th and 9th Street from N Street over to S Street.

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