Growing up, we went to Northeast Nebraska often.  To the town of Laurel to be precise.  Visiting my grandparents was an enjoyable experience – miss them both very much!  Usually my Grandma would cook for us.  Sunday dinners.  Sandwich suppers.  But every once in awhile, we talked them into taking us to the Pizza Ranch.  Really it was close enough to walk.  But we needed to cross the busy highway to get there – not always a great combination.  Eating there was fun – they had good pizza.

In honor of those outings, I thought I would feature that place today.  Sadly, I discovered that Laurel no longer has a Pizza Ranch.  Since I would rather recommend a place that I have actually visited, I will recommend their location in West Point.  Another Northeast Nebraska town.  When I called to ask if they would be showing the game, they said they would as long as they knew which channel.  (Maybe no Husker fans were working today?)  Anyway, the game is a strong possibility there.


Photo courtesy of the Pizza Ranch website

They do feature more than just pizza – chicken, vegetables, mashed potatoes.  I always really enjoyed their potato wedges.  Plus they have dessert.  My husband would approve of their soft-serve ice cream machine – that is always his favorite way to end a meal.  They supposedly have a gluten free menu, but you may need to confirm that the food is prepared in a separate area (otherwise you have cross contamination issues!)

Not making it to the Northeast Nebraska area anytime soon?  They have several locations in the Omaha area. Plus the Pizza Ranch happens to be opening their new location in Lincoln on November 18th.  I know our family will visit sometime soon to satisfy my long ago memories.  🙂

Author: neodyssey