I must confess that I have not really been in the Southwest part of Nebraska.  Yet.  So, I cannot recommend any place to watch a Husker game personally.  But for today, I chose to look at the options in McCook.  My longtime sweet friend, Sarah, is from there originally.  And McCook is one of Nebraska’s hot spots.  Literally.  They often have the highest temperatures in the state.  In my online search, I found two places where you can watch the Husker game today in McCook.

At the Loop Brewing Company, located on 404 West A Street in McCook,  the menu goes beyond your typical game food.  Featuring brick oven pizza, gourmet salads/sandwiches and a wide selection of appetizers, their offerings look delicious.  (Do I have enough time to make it there before kick off?  Hmmm …)  My order selection would be the Peppadew Peppers – Sweet peppers stuffed with boursin cheese then lightly glazed with balsamic vinaigrette.  Does that not sound just mouth watering?

Loop Brewing Company Beer

Photo courtesy of the Loop Brewing Company website.

According to their Facebook page, they have many game day specials going on.  With the game starting at 2:30, you have enough time to get there to snack all afternoon!

The second option is if you are only partially interested in the game and care more about your dinner.  Coppermill Steakhouse opens this afternoon at 4:00 p.m.  I confirmed that the game will be on then.  Their menu features everything from steak to shellfish to a Cajun corner.  Definitely worth investigating.

Photo courtesy of the Coppermill Steakhouse

They are located at N. Highway 83 and Coppermill Road in McCook.  They do accept dining reservations.  To know about their specials (such as the free appetizers they gave to all veteran’s on Tuesday), become a fan on their Facebook page.

If any of you have eaten at either of these places, I would love to read comments about your experiences.  Go Big Red!


Author: neodyssey