Yesterday was my 14th wedding anniversary.  (Love you, KJ!)  When I noticed that our special day was falling on Wednesday, I decided I could not resist featuring the place where we had our wedding reception.  In fact, the last picture in yesterday’s “Wordless Wednesday” was actually a picture of their great room decorated for our reception.  This happened to be the place where my Mom was employed at the time and was not just any old rental hall.  In fact, our location just so happened to be inside the international headquarters of an organization.

Back to the Bible International Sign

Back to the Bible started in Lincoln 75 years ago.  If you have ever driven by their current location on Cornhusker Highway in Lincoln, you would remember.  Why?  Because of all of the flags!

B2B Flags

Out in front of the building are the flags representing the places where Back to the Bible is currently broadcasting or has had radio programming in the past.  Their approach is slightly different in that the actual speakers are nationals of the countries where the broadcasts are taking place rather than using one universal speaker like many organizations tend to do.

Tomorrow I intend to do a bit of a combo of both  “Friday Photography” and “Friday Flashbacks,” showing some more interior pictures about the place and also explaining a bit of how Back to the Bible came to be.  Since their official anniversary celebration does not happen for several months, I will get into a bit more of their history at that point.  This is an organization that has been important to my family for various reasons for quite a long time.  I am excited that I get to tell you more about this lovely place!


Author: neodyssey