During July and August, I enjoyed visiting several Nebraska passport shopping places.  Each time I visited one, I asked if they would be willing to donate an item for a group giveaway.  And they all responded in the way that you would expect … by being Nebraska nice! 🙂  After a busy last week of summer, I am finally ready to tell you all about this collection of gifts.

The Nebraska ornament in the picture is from “A Little Inspiration” in Geneva.  I told you all about this Nebraska gifts and home decor store last week. To celebrate being a part of the Nebraska passport program, they are giving those who stop by a gift.  Each visitor can have $5 off their purchase.  That made me excited.  Naturally I took home my own Nebraska ornament.  (One of these days I am going to put nails up on the antique ladder that is suspended over my washing machine.  I think the ornament will look great there!) You can save this adorable ornament for Christmas.  Or you can find a spot where you can enjoy the ornament all year long.

The set of six notecards are from the Renaissance Fine Art and Photography Studio in Aurora.  Three different designs are included.  Since she was technically closed when I stopped by, I did not purchase any.  Yet.  The focus of the notecards is different places in Aurora.  Since I grew up visiting my grandparents near Aurora, that will always be one of my favorite Nebraska towns.  These notecards are beautiful!  The only problem I might have with them – I am not sure I can send them off to anyone because I want to keep them!

The gifts in this giveaway all represent NebraskaNebraskan Ted Kooser was the national Poet Laureate from 2004 to 2006.  His book, Seasons in the Bohemian Alps, has been on my to-read list for a few months.  I am excited to get to it soon!  And now Blizzard Voices has been added to the list as well.  This volume of poetry was donated by Chapters Books & Gifts in Seward.  When Carla, the owner, picked the title, I could not help but smile.  After all, the day I left with the book, Nebraska temps were soaring into the 90’s.   Snow might have been refreshing at that moment.  This volume of poetry is unique because it is intended as a read aloud.  I plan on doing just that with my older boys in January.

The picture of the Nebraska building is actually on a magnet.  This image from the early days of this 3rd Nebraska capitol caught my eye when I was at the Nebraska History Museum Landmark Store.  So one of the gifts is actually a donation from me.  Thank you for being one of my readers.

How you can enjoy these Nebraska gifts!

To win the ornament, note cards, book and magnet, please comment below and tell about any decorative Nebraska items that are found around your house.  Or you can tell about which Nebraska gifts you enjoy giving.

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