I have eaten at many a Pizza Hut across Nebraska.  This partly is due to the fact that when I used to run cross country, almost every small town has a Pizza Hut.  A great place for carb re-loading after a run!  The other reason – Book-it.  We have participated every year in Pizza Hut’s reading incentive program.  Normally, I try to mainly write about unique original places.  Since many Nebraska towns have Pizza Huts, this restaurant does not exactly qualify.  But I have to say that there is just something unique about the Pizza Hut in Aurora.  Since I already took you to the town earlier this week with our “visit” to Edgerton, why not go back to the town for pizza?

How does the Aurora Pizza Hut “make it great?”  First of all, their buffet selection is extensive.  They have seem to have many more pizza choices and pasta – they always have their alfredo break on the line.  Plus they have yummy desserts, and they also seem to keep the food extra fresh.  I am not sure how many times my kids went back through the line when we went in November, but it was quite a few.

Aurora Pizza Hut Food Collage

The second that is great about the Aurora Pizza Hut – they have captured the essence of the town.  By mounting photographs prominently on the walls, they are displaying pictures of the places that define Aurora.  You could even do a town scavenger hunt after dining.  See the picture on the Pizza Hut wall – try to find the place as you drive about the town.  No, we have not done this …yet. I am thinking that would be a fun family project.

Aurora Pizza Hut Picture Collage

Taking pictures of pictures often results in a glare – sorry about that!

The top of the list why the Aurora Pizza Hut is my favorite?  I have SO many memories of my family there.  That is often the place where we have had many of our extended family gatherings.  They have a big “party” room off to the side, so that has been the place where we often meet, especially as there is now SO many of us.  I love my family and getting to spend time with them is even more of a privilege now that we live farther apart.

Aurora Pizza Hut Family

(My apologies to my family – I know have pictures of many more of you from these experiences.  These are the ones I could find.  Obviously I need to figure out a better way to store them!)

So, if you are in the area, I have given you three great reasons to check out the Aurora Pizza Hut.  Although Saturday is the one day that they do not have buffet, so you may want wait until tomorrow!


Author: neodyssey