For Christmas Day almost every year, we go to see my husband’s family in York County, Nebraska.  The feature photograph is of the York United Methodist Church.  Isn’t that a beautiful building?  Thanks to York’s large I-80 stop and hot air balloon water tower, most people have heard of that town.  But this post in fact features four different in York County churches.  For our next three, let’s head down the road to the small town of McCool Junction, Nebraska.  This is where my husband spent many of his growing up years.

McCool Junction may have less than 500 people, but they have three different York County churches.  Similar in style, you may not even recognize the distinctions other than perhaps theologically.  Although they may be Catholic, Methodist and Lutheran in nature, right now each church is telling about the Christ child who came for us this Christmas day.

Three York County churchesInterestingly enough, all three of these church are located about on the same corner.  Since McCool Junction is such a small town, the churches do often work together on community events and even on a summer vacation Bible school.  I definitely appreciate small town churches!

Featuring places of worship seem fitting today, on this day that we celebrate the birth of Christ.  While our family will probably just be going to church on Christmas Eve, part of Christmas Day will be spent reflecting on our Savior’s birth.  May today allow you also to do some pondering on the meaning of this season.  Merry Christmas from our Nebraska home to yours!

Author: neodyssey