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Obviously I am taking a quick break from the Nebraska Counties series that I have been writing.  Since the topic is keeping kids safe, I feel like it is a worthwhile departure.

A few weeks ago, our “baby” turned 8.  While there is a certain freedom in having older kids, this means that much has changed over my past 14 years of parenting.  While I can always get my kids to give me a hug, the cuddling and imaginative play are slowly coming to an end.  Thankfully three years ago, I got a new title.

Aunt G.

halloween-2016Now I have two of the cutest nieces and two of the most adorable nephews.  Since our kids are older, I feel like I can enjoy this stage more than I sometimes did when I was in the midst of my own chaos that toddlers can bring.  All of the snuggling without the sleepless nights.  Kind of like a prelude to grandparenting, but I definitely do not feel old enough for that stage!

When the munchkins come over to visit, one thing is quite apparent: our house is no longer baby proof.   After all, my kids are able to safely walk up and down the stairs, not generally put things into their mouths that aren’t food (although I have seen a lego or two go there 🙁 ), and if they are still wanting to put things in light sockets, we have other issues to deal with.  Thankfully I have a strong crew of four who help me keep the littles occupied, so I am generally not too worried when the nieces and nephews visit.  When we had four kids that were six and under, I was petrified at all of the dangers my house seemed to present.

Back when we were buying our immense collection of baby stuff, online commerce was really just beginning .  Finding what we wanted took a lot of effort, both in person and online.  I have a feeling that would not be the case today.  Especially because I was introduced to this one website:

If you have little ones in your life and have not been to this site, go there NOW.  (Actually read the rest of this post first … 🙂 ) Far more than diapers, you can find all of the baby stuff that you could possibly need without having to bundle up kids and take them to the store with you.  Shipping is even free if you spend more than $50.  Goodness knows that is not hard to do when it comes to all of the paraphernalia that babies need.  Back to the safety part.

Finding outlet plugs and cabinet latches was not challenging.  Finding a baby gate was.  You see, we live in a house that has four half flights of stairs.  Lots of possibilities for my kids to crash and burn.  (Considering the fact that my oldest tumbled down several stairs as a toddler when we were touring a house to buy, I did not want to see or hear that horrible sound of thudding EVER again!)  My parents have had a baby gate at the top of the stairs for pretty much most of the past 14 years, since their kids started having kids.  (Yeah, they are gracious like that).  But theirs is the type that unhooks.  Most of the time, I just try to climb over it and hope that I do not tumble down the stairs myself.  I knew that I wanted something different for our house because climbing over a stair gate with a baby is NEVER recommended.

After much searching and hunting online, we finally found an easy close latch gate.  (Between that and the door at the top of one set of stairs, I mainly felt like our kids were safe.  But I did breath a sigh of relief once they all could walk up and down on their own!)  That baby gate that took us about a week to find?  Yeah, well, the site I would have assumed just sold diapers has at least 100 of the very type we were looking for, in various colors.  (They also have the lattice latch crowbar type ones if you are able to maneuver over with more grace than I ever could.)  If they have all of these baby gate options, imagine what else they have.

I am happy to announce that I have been provided with a $50 gift card toward an online baby shopping spree at this great site for one of my readers.  Winning is simple.  Please comment below on one of the best ways that you have found to keep your babies safe OR one of the baby products that you are unable to live without.  Besides the gate, I could not have survived the early years without the baby swing that could go both forwards and backwards as well as side to side.  This contest will end the end of next week.  Right in time for Thanksgiving.  $50 toward baby/childhood gear is something to be thankful for, but knowing that your children are safe at home is even better!

For more ideas on how to keep your children safe …

Considering the fact that my friend rode home from the hospital on his four year old sister’s lap, childhood safety has come a LONG way.  I really like this perspective by Her View from Home writer, Kara Stevens, on the fact that it is okay to keep up with the times when it comes to safety.


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