Lauritzen Gardens Lego Display Kids, Mom, Grammi Getting to go to the Lauritzen Gardens Nature Connects 2 Lego exhibit was a highlight for all of us. Especially since my Mom got to come along with us on this adventure. Seeing these Lego masterpieces in a natural setting caused them to stand out.  Determining which one of the sculptures was our favorite would have been a challenge.


Lauritzen Gardens about the legosUsing over 300,000 total Legos in the project, Sean Kenney might be considered an alternative artist. While two of the sculptures were on display at the Lauritzen Gardens previously, twelve new sculptures were created for this collection. These works on touring various nature conservatories and gardens around the country through at least 2019.

Lauritzen Gardens Legos Gardening Collage


The whimsical touches are what made the displays enjoyable. The birds feeding on Legos. The giant praying mantis magnified so far beyond his size. The mouse that is barely managing to hide from the giant snake. The pizza delivery man hiding in the rototiller.


Lauritzen Gardens Legos Bird Collage


The displays of birds were also spectacular. The majestic bald eagle that seemed to fit perfectly on the nearby tree. The ducks ready and waiting next to the pond. The woodpecker, which happened to be on a tree just outside the back walkway area, that looked like it should come to life any moment.


Lauritzen Gardens Lego Flower Collage


The most intricate displays were the ones involving flowers. Oriental lily. Orchids. The hummingbird complete with flower. With the most LEGOS used (60,549 to be precise), artist Kenney considers “The Monarch and the Milkweed” to be his most advanced creation ever.


Lauritzen Garden Legos Kid Collage


What else makes this display such a hit? The fact that kids can develop their own mini sculptures inside the garden including a little display area to show off their creations. (I was rather glad that my kids did not think about the fact that their marvelous creations would probably no longer be there the next day!) The only potential problem with this exhibit? Getting the kids to want to leave and go home!


The unexpected part of our afternoon? Finding additional Legos on display throughout the newly opened “Conservatory” area. In fact, playing an impromptu “hide and seek” with the Legos might have been the highlight. The staff was rather clever with many of their hiding places.

Lauritzen Garden Legos Hidden Animal Collage

Interested in going to the see this “Nature Connects” exhibit? You may want to go this Sunday March 22nd to see the Lego Brick Sculpture Invitational. Although the registration ended last Friday (sorry for the late notice), you can still attend that afternoon to see all of the displays created by the “Lego Master Builders.” The participants will have about two hours to set up their sculptures, and then they will all be on display from 1 to 4 in the afternoon. Should be a fun experience.

A BIG thank you to the Omaha Convention and Visitor’s Bureau for the Lauritzen Gardens passes. We loved getting to visit and explore this beautiful location again!

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