For me, it was not about the place.  Although as you can tell from the pictures, having the Lincoln Manor Steak Housein an old hotel provides for a cool setting.

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For me, it was also not about the food. Although we were served a delicious buffet – think Sunday dinner at Grandma’s house.  For me, it was all about the people.  For me, my time at Lincoln Manor Steak House in Central City will always be a fond memory due to a family lunch held there one sunny September Monday.

Central City Lincoln Manor Steak House Interior

The interior of the steak house is lovely.  Due to the fact that they were not even open at the time, we were all seated in the back room.  We were all gathered together to remember the legacy of my Great Aunt Eldora, my grandfather’s sister.  I do regret not getting a picture of all the people who came – many who are dear to my heart.

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I did take a picture with my cousin, Michelle.  Actually to be technical, our moms are cousins.  But we have always had many similar interests and have always connected every several years that we do see each other.  Our table, filled to the brim with relatives, enjoyed a time of laughter and memories.  While the reason for our gathering was a initially sad one, the chance to celebrate a life well lived always ends in joy.

Central City Lincoln Manor Steak House

I do want to go back to the Lincoln Manor Steak House in the future. For one thing, I would love to hear more about the building and the stories of its history.  Of course I would also enjoy ordering from the menu and ordering from the actual restaurant menu as well.  But for now, I am grateful for the continued memories that were made with my family.


Author: neodyssey