Life Beyond HoopsThis is the  third week in a row that NET has regularly featured “Nebraska Stories.”  Have you kept up with all of the episodes?  One thing I love about getting to present all of the stories to you in advance is that I actually am taking the time to watch them.  As for this show, I think this week could almost be entitled as “Trivial Pursuit” since nature, sports, hobbies, fashion and history are all a part of the show.  A little something for everyone! As has become my format, the bulleted information is directly from the NET press releases, with the italicized words being my personal reflections.

  • The Swift Fox” It’s the size of a cat, but a member of the dog family and Nebraska’s most elusive wildlife. It’s also on the endangered species list. Go in the field with UNL student researcher Lucia Corral to learn how scientists are trying to save an important member of the Great Plains ecosystem known as the swift fox. Living in a more urban area of Nebraska, I can forget that most of the state is rural.  Learning about one of the endangered and elusive animals in our state was fascinating.  I am not sure that I would have enough patience to track them.  I particularly liked the fact that this segment is from the Benkelman area.  One of my dear friends from high school had family from this town in Nebraska, and I always wanted to tag along on one of her visits because how could you not like a town with that name? 🙂
  • Life Beyond Hoops” For one senior basketball player, maturing didn’t happen on the court and in the game…it happened off the court and helped provide a positive influence in a young person’s life.   I think a goal of every parent is to have your child(ren) grow up to think of others.  Especially when they go beyond expectations.  Be inspired by this young man who used his platform as a basketball player to become a role model and to truly make an impact.
  • Skating for Change” Mike Smith is a good guy who saw someone in need and simply wanted to help. He stepped off his skateboard and began a grassroots youth movement that’s gone nationwide. Meet the man behind “Skate for Change.”  Sometimes people making the most difference are not the ones that you would truly expect.  The good that a bunch a skateboarders have done for Lincoln is pretty inspiring.  Mike Smith has a heart for people and for kids.  As one of the guys who has been involved with this group has been a part of our church, this segment definitely makes me smile.  To learn more about this worthy organization, please check out their Facebook page.
  • Drawn to Fashion” In the digital age, fashion illustration is a lost art—but Omaha artist Mary Mitchell is bringing it back. Her collection of a thousand images, created over three decades, uniquely reveal the beauty of fabric and design.  Growing up one of my favorite “toys” was my fashion plate set.  In case you have never used the set personally, basically you would drag your pencil over plastic paper doll forms.  You could pick which outfit your paper doll where and then you could shade in accordingly.  I know that plaid was definitely an option during my 1970’s childhood. I loved “designing” clothes.  But my skills never progressed beyond that.  Especially when compared to the lady from this segment.  She is truly an artist.
  • Dust Covered Dreams” The heartbreaking story of a man’s struggle to provide for his growing family during the Dust Bowl years comes to life through the words of author Barbara (Eymann) Mohrmann. Her intimate family story, discovered in a worn-out box, reminds us of the power of great love in times of great hardship.  “Dust Covered Dreams” This segment is about a Nebraska family and how they changed as a result of both the dust bowl and the war.  Decades ago, hard work was valued, but people did not always talk about how to cope.  I appreciate how this family has used a dark time to draw them together, rather than apart.  (Note: although depression is referenced as well as family tragedy, my kids did not catch all of the nuances).  To me this part reminds me that I need to find out about my family stories of long ago while people are still around to tell them.

How about you?  Which segment was your favorite one this week?  Remember you can see the show live on NET at 7:00 p.m. CST.  Or you can click on the Nebraska Stories video links here to see the whole episode or even to watch your favorite segment again.



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