This is a new post theme for me that I have a feeling may make an appearance again in the future.  Summarizing lots of topics in one post may be a great way to tell you a bit more of what is on mind at one shot.  Not sure about summer for any of the rest of you, but ours has been flying by.  Zoooooommmm ….  How can Saturday be August already?  This date reminds me of how very much I have to do before we can start school again in several weeks.  First I thought I would write a follow up post about a few things that already have occurred.  Then I thought I would tell you all about a few places that we hope to squeeze in visiting before school actually begins.   By the time, we visit, these exhibits will be nearing the end of their display times.   So I thought I had better tell you all about them in advance.

First the wrap-up of places we went recently …

Two weeks ago, I wrote about one of the sweetest places to visit in Lincoln: Licorice International.  They kindly gave me a $10 gift certificate to give to one of my readers.  My second son got to do the picking honors this time – rolling a dice worked great.  Congratulations to Crystal!!!!  I will get in touch with you to get the gift certificate headed your direction!

NET Mr. Steve Collage

On Saturday, we did enjoy seeing Mr. Steve at the NET studios on Saturday.   Definitely was an energetic, fun show for young and old alike.  My kids also had fun walking around outside to all of the different activities that they arranged for those who attended the concert.  If you have a chance to go to NET for a family day in the future, we would highly recommend it!  Thanks to NET for making my two youngest kids and me feel extra welcome.

And where I have been lately in print …

I do have the privilege of writing regularly for the Lincoln Kids Newspaper. Picking it up in person may be easier, although you can also see the issues online.  For the summer edition, I wrote about some of the interesting sports taking place in the State Games of America, which happens to be taking place right now in the Lincoln and Omaha areas.

I also have had a few stories in the L Magazine – a monthly Lincoln Journal-Star production.  You can always pick these up in the newsstand, but you can also see these articles online.  Here are a few people and places that I was privileged to feature this calendar year.

Lincoln Fire Station Museum

First Mom of Nebraska (How First Lady Susanne Shore balances motherhood and her new position)

The Gettysburg Flag and Lincoln (How an item donated to Union College is connected to the Civil War)

Where I have been lately on the web …

Getting to write for the “Good Life Moms” for almost a year has been great.  Usually I write a column once a month, plus I have been doing a monthly series where I recommend books to read to children.  My most recent post there was entitled, Mommy Time at Home.  If you click on the link, you can see more articles that I have written at the bottom of the page if you click on “more articles by author.”

My most recent writing addition is being a contributor to “Her View from Home.”  What a great site that started in Nebraska.  I will probably write about a variety of topics there.  My two posts so far …

BFF Myths and Other Friendship Lessons

Back to the Paddles Again (How canoeing brought back a bit of adventure to my life)

The Sacred Line is my own site where I enjoy reflecting on life.  I definitely do not hang out there much, but I am working on a column about why I started writing in the first place.  Plus I am going to do a review on a few books in a series by Christina Rich that I am in the middle of reading right now.

Plus of course, I help maintain our two business sites: Nebraska Dustless Blasting and GP Restoration, LLC.

Suddenly all the writing that I have done is making me feel a bit tired!

On to the places that I hope we get to go …

“Journey of Memory: Allen Say” is at the Joslyn Museum through August 9th.  He is one of my favorite children author/illustrators, and I am quite excited about seeing his artwork up close and personal.

The Kaneko has an exhibit called “Play” that is running through August 16th.  My friend, Kim, over at Oh My Omaha took her kids and raved about the experience.  Click on the link to her site see pictures and learn more.


I am giving you several weeks notice to make it to this one. 🙂 Since we are getting ready to go on a trip around the world again in our homeschool, I knew that I wanted to make sure to get to the Durham Museum before Labor Day.  Their Lost Egypt: Ancient Secrets, Modern Science is a must-see in my book.

Tomorrow we happen to be going to a “Fuel Up for 60” event with my Dad, so I may not get to my last bloGIVErsary giveaway until Friday.  This is one that you do not want to miss.  Stay tuned …




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