Hey, Koolaid!  If you were a child of the 70’s and 80’s like I was, that phrase brings back a big giant pitcher crashing through a brick wall.  (Enjoy the commercial at the end of the post).  When our family visited Hastings last summer, we really enjoyed looking through the displays AND watching all of the commercials in their mini-viewing room.  So much nostalgia and memorabilia.  Pretty sure I took several dozen pictures.  Because that would make the post REALLY long, here are some of the highlights.

Koolaid Collage

How did Koolaid end up as a main feature in the Hastings, Nebraska Museum?  Well, the inventor, Edwin Perkins, moved from Hendley, Nebraska, to Hastings and started to developing his drink product there.  The story is fascinating enough for its own blog post – at some point I will tell you more about Edwin and his wife, Kitty.  Not only does Hastings have a permanent display, they also celebrate Nebraska’s state drink with a week-end long festival.  What better place to be on a hot summer week-end than attending Kool-Aid Days which is happening this week in Hastings?   With everything from Koolaid Jammer boat races to bike rides to a community concert, something is happening for everyone.  My kids really want to go someday to experience the Koolaid Stand – $2 gets you Koolaid refills all day after you purchase a special mug.  If you do happen to go this week-end, please post some pictures on my “Odyssey Through Nebraska” Facebook page.  We would love to experience the fun with you.  For now, please enjoy this classic Koolaid commercial.

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