Scavenger Hunts are so much fun! Especially when prizes are involved.  My favorite Lincoln bookstore, Indigo Bridge Books, decided to encourage people to get out explore the wonderful shops and eateries in Downtown Lincoln.  At the bookstore (or one of the participating locations), you can pick up a bright turquoise sheet filled with all of the places where you can find Waldo.  Or you can download your passport on Indigo’s website


Yes, the same Waldo of iconic book fame – everyone’s favorite search-and-find titles.  Looking high, looking low and everywhere in between, my kids enjoyed the hunt.  And they beat me in finding him.  Every. Single. Time. To be successful, I needed hints from them.  Pretty pathetic, I know?

Yesterday was the first day we found out about this contest that ends the 29th of July.  After spending the morning at the Lincoln Children’s Museum, we were ready to get out and explore downtown a bit.  Due to limited time, we only were able to get five stamps.  Hopefully we will make it back downtown next week to finish up.

Twenty locations are on the sheet including the bookstore.  By visiting ten of the spots, the first 150 participants will get a prize.  If spotters manage to see 15 of the places, the are eligible for the grand prize that includes a collection of “Where’s Waldo?’ books.  What a great way to encourage people to “Shop Local.”



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