I think my parents must have instilled civic responsibility in me.  I can still remember the first time I was able to vote and how excited I was.  The first really big election happened fairly soon after I turned voting age – the 1992 Presidential election.  I remember being confused when Clinton since I felt like I barely had even heard of him – obviously I researched along party lines back then.

For me, I look forward to Election Day.   Of course, this could be because we will no longer be getting lobby calls from various unknown numbers.  Since the television commercials will also change, that is also a refreshing end to the political scene.  My overriding purpose in voting though is to be able to have my say.

Does the opinion of one Nebraska mom really matter or make a difference? I am really not sure.  But I know that voting is a privilege many people across the world would love to have.  I try to do my part to appreciate this right.  I also know that many any election has been decided on a few number of votes.  I would hate for what I feel is the best candidate to miss out simply because I did not visit the polls.

Evidently I had a busy day and got distracted.  I purposefully voted first thing, so I could write this post.  Unbeknownst to me, it stayed in draft form all afternoon.  Oops. Well, you have almost 2 hours left to vote.  If you want to research the candidates and live in Nebraska, please visit the below the website.

Voter Information

Author: neodyssey