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  • Ode to the Sandhills: Day 12 #DetourNebraska Challenge

    We had the opportunity to drive through the Sandhills earlier this week. Every time, I am in awe of the beauty. Glad that you had a wonderful experience growing up.
  • Friday Flashback: Marking the Oregon Trail Near Palmyra, Nebraska

    This is so interesting. Thank you for taking the time to share your personal experiences with this location. Always interesting to see how the land changes over time.
  • Fairview: The Former Home of William Jennings Bryan in Lincoln

    I do not. I am not familiar with this clock. Was it in the house at one time?
  • Monday Memories: A Caretaker’s Cottage in Nebraska

    Thank you so much for telling more. I have often wished that I could go inside the cabin. I would be interested in having a conversation with your mother if she is up for it. Please have her email me at I can give my phone number to her then.
  • Boyd County in Nebraska

    Thank you for these suggestions. I need to update this post, so I will look into these towns.
  • The Soldiers’ Memorial in Lincoln

    I am so glad that you found this article. Did you ever get to meet your Grandfather? I wrote an additional article on his sculptures for our local area magazine. If you e-mail me at, I would be glad to send a link to you. I will hopefully be adding the link to this site at some point too!
  • Tracking Down the Thompson Fountain

    Thank you for your encouraging words. My guess is that some of the people in charge must have felt that was a patriotic thing to do during the scrap metal drives of World War 2. I wonder if the sculptures had deteriorated a bit by then. I do think it is interesting that you can still see the basin part outside of the Lincoln Children's Zoo.
  • Learning Behind Iron Gates at the University of Nebraska

    Thank you so much for sharing your part in Lincoln's history! The gates were a fun find for me. I definitely did not fully appreciate them until I uncovered some of the history. They add such a presence to the Memorial Stadium area.
  • Cover Reveal: A Very Merry Unrelease Day to A History Lover’s Guide to Lincoln

    Thank you so much, Lindsay!
  • Fairview: The Former Home of William Jennings Bryan in Lincoln

    Thank you so much for commenting. My understanding is that the Bryans took many of the original furnishings with them to Florida since they relocated there. I think one or two of the pieces is still in Fairview, but I need to take another tour to be reminded of which ones. That is so fascinating that you have one of the organs - what a treasure!